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See the big picture. Focus on what's important.

Marketing offers a good and balanced use of my analytical and creative energies.

My marketing career spans over 15 years in the healthcare, wealth management financial services and not-for-profit sectors.  

I enjoy the challenge of learning new products, assessing the results of  market research and gathering customer insights - all with the aim of developing innovative marketing strategies and programmes that enable business development and produce positive return on investment. 

My key competencies
  • Marketing strategy development and implementation 
  • Content marketing
  • Brand development and management
  • Market research 
  • Marketing communications

May I help you?
You may be a non-profit, small business or a start-up and need some help or advice to develop your marketing strategy or communication plan.

Feel free to contact me... I may be able to help.

My LinkedIn profile
More about my marketing experience

Places where I've worked -

  • Alzheimer Society of Montreal
  • McKesson Canada
  • The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada
  • Standard Life Investments Inc
  • Performa Financial Services
  • Royal Bank

  • American Express

  • National Export-Import Bank of Jamaica
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Jamaica
  • Jamaica Tourist Board

Consulting mandates 
  • Montreal Diocesan Theological College
  • La Capitale
  • Your Workplace Conference
  • The Salvation Army 

I share my views on the role marketing plays in contributing to business success in my blog theBigpicture.  

From time to time I contribute articles and blogs and deliver presentations on marketing, management and leadership topics.  More... 


Panelist at Rogers Media Multicultural Marketing Conference, Montreal
Camille Isaacs Morell